Building products is hard. When the three of us started working together at Adbrain a year ago, we struggled. We’d worked on products before, but nothing quite like this (ad tech products are complicated). How do you decide what to build? How do designers, engineers and product managers seamlessly work together? What tools are best for the job at hand? How does a good product become great?

We often wondered how other companies went about building products from scratch. We realised what we really needed was a place where we could learn from others that have been there and done it. Somewhere where we could discover and understand how all the parts fit together.

So we decided to start JAM. This is the community we wish we’d had all along, a place where people, across all disciplines can discuss their successes and failures, experiments, tools and techniques, and anything else that gets great products built.

We hope you’ll join us.

Who are we?

Seb Powell

Head of Design. Amateur developer.

Slavo Vojacek

UX Designer & UI Developer. Lover of fine English literature.

Mathilde Leo

Product Manager. Martial arts aficionado.